Outsource Stock Brokers Operations

Outsource Stock Broker operations to CuilAssist for a Better Interaction with Your Customers. A Good Customer Experience Can Turn Things Around for Your Business.

CuilAssist has extensive experience in providing operations outsourcing for stock brokers. Our experience in the industry tells us that it is best to outsource non-core but equally important functions of a business while the core functions are better to be handled onshore. Outsourcing operations can help your business get more efficiency and improved productivity.

To stay ahead of the competition brokers prefer to outsource their information technology departments, technical support, customer support, financial functions and call center services. With CuilAssist you can outsource the whole department or just a specific segment as per your business needs. As the outsourcing provider takes complete charge of resource hiring, equipment arrangement and the work location, it helps your business save a great deal of funds.

 Outsource Stock Brokers Operations


Outsource KYC/AML Process

KYC is a mandatory regulatory requirement for all Financial Institutions(FIs). The rise of fraudulent activities like money laundering and terrorist funding has made it important for all FIs to make sure they know their customers. For all Stock Brokers KYC is a primary requirement for opening a trading account.

As money laundering is very popular in the stock market, KYC helps you understand what is the main income source of the customer along with their residential location. It helps avoid on-boarding customers who reside in restricted areas or have income sources that cannot be confirmed as legal.

As KYC and AML management is not the core function of focus it is best to outsource it to get better resource utilization. Outsourcing KYC process is an effective choice than an in-house team.

Outsourcing KYC process with CuilAssist


It helps you comply with regulatory requirements which are needed to keep your business running smoothly.


Outsourcing KYC process helps reduce the risk and prevent frauds by eliminating the suspicious customers.


By Outsourcing KYC you can easily identify the high risk customers and make adequate monitoring arrangements for them.


It helps save general cost as you won’t need to worry about the infrastructure and recruitments.


As the initial KYC and AML checks are already done by the offshore team you get more scope for critical analysis.


As the outsourcing service provider is already an industry expert you won’t need to worry about developing the process from scratch.

 kyc Outsourcing


Outsource CRM Process

Having a well organized CRM system helps you meet your revenue goal more efficiently. Most companies use their sales team to manage the CRM system which is a major drawback on their productivity. Your Sales team is mostly busy building customer relations and closing as many leads as possible therefore the additional task of CRM is just an extra load.

Outsourcing CRM processes can help you utilize your sales team in their core tasks and help you get better results. Your sales team will not have to worry about the immense data feeding in the systems as offshore team will take care of it.

As a stock broker you need to be more vigilant on the sales process and require constant monitoring. However if your sales team is busy doing other things their overall productivity will be severely affected. Outsource CRM process to CuilAssist and give your sales team enough scope to get you more business.

Benefits of Outsourcing CRM Process


Sales and Support Outsourcing

Stock brokers require consistent and strong sales and after sales support. No matter how strong your sales team is, if your support is not organized you will lose important customers. Outsourcing sales include market research, lead generation and having direct conversation with clients.

CuilAssist for a Cost-Effective Outsourcing Solution for Your Brokerage

It is very important to choose the right outsourcing service provider, in order to have constructive outsourcing. Unlike other professional relationships, outsourcing is more of a partnership of responsibilities. The whole point of outsourcing majorly is to save cost. CuilAssist provides effective outsourcing solutions within a cost that is difficult to match in the market.

Why do we provide cost-effective solutions? Because we believe every business deserves a better deal so that they can serve their customers better.


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