Cuilassist infrastructure is completely loaded with room for hundreds of employees. We have divided our work operational floor depending upon the services we offer to our client so each team is separate and works closely with each other. Our location is most favourable as it's in the centre of the city with the support of good transport connectivity, resources as well as facilities.

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Cuilassist Infrastructure includes:

  • Futuristic computerization with completely automated desks.
  • Uninterrupted as well as backup power supply.
  • Security for complete voice and data communications.
  • Dedicated high-speed internet connection for fast support.
  • Multiple Leased fibre optic cable.
  • Duplicated system to ensure continuous live chat reception & internet connectivity.
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We have high-tech server facilities that help us to save ample data securely and we also take the backup of those important in our other servers.

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We use the Commercial grade Firewall to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network, this helps to keep all the data secure and network secure.

Internet Connection

To keep pace with the upgrading world, we have the best as well as the fast Internet Connectivity such as:

  • Internet Leased Line - TATA
  • Backup Internet - Airtel
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Manned Security

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Door Access Locks

We have the door access locks that only open when an employee uses their access card or fingerprint so that unauthorised person cannot access our office.

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Department Isolation

We have separate departments for every service that we offer. This helps team members to connect immediately and helps to perform work without any disturbance.

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