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Forex Outsourcing Provider for Forex Brokers

Cuilassist provides forex broker live chat support and forex broker BPO for a broker. Our forex outsourcing service is available for MT4, MT5 brokers and any other external or in-house trading platforms. After working in financial services for many years, we know that time is money for Forex brokers. Which is why, we are quick but maintain a superior quality standard. We will help you grow your brokerage business with forex broker BPO, and excellent forex broker chat support.

Cuilassist is the best forex outsourcing provider. Our services are Forex broker live chat support and Forex broker BPO etc.

Get live chat support for FX brokers from a reliable live chat support provider. Get quick & accurate responses to your clients' queries by forex outsourcing services for forex brokers.

Forex Brokerage- The Booming Business in Financial Industry

Forex brokers are an example of new age business models. With the rising competition it is very important to stay ahead with service excellence. Due to the fact that this market remains unimpacted or very little impacted by any kind of crisis as compared to the other business industries. This market works for 24 hours 5 days a week and as there are currencies involved as a main trading instrument, most brokers have a global client base.

As per studies there are more than 200 forex brokers currently operating around the world which creates a great competition. Furthermore as the number of forex brokers are far too less then the traders, it gives the brokers a massive chance of growth based on their services, quality and performance. In order to stand out in the market it is crucial that your customers get the best of your service.

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Forex Back-Office Operations Outsourcing

A growing business requires a lot of attention in all kinds of operations. Handling all operations with the in-house teams becomes a real challenge, it requires constant training, hiring and quality checks. For a forex broker it is most important to stay up with the competition while serving the customers with expertise.

Our team is experienced in using various trading platforms available in the market like MT4, MT5, cTrader, MobiusTrader7, UTIP and whatever other external or in-house trading platforms you use. You may as well use multiple trading platforms as per your business needs, be assured our team can manage any number of trading platforms and help your customers get a better experience.

Outsourcing back-office operations of your forex brokerage will help you focus on core functions of your business.

Some of the major forex brokerage operations that are outsourced to us are:


Why do companies outsource sales?

Forex Customer Support Outsourcing

Forex Customer Support Outsourcing

Customer support remains the most salient function of any business. Forex brokers around the world struggle to provide their customers with efficient customer support. The most difficult task is to find resources who are aware of the know-how of the forex market. The team of CuilAssist is well experienced in forex and capital markets which makes us stand out from other outsourcing service providers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support


Importance of Customer Experience

A prominent customer support gives your business a sustainable growth. A customer carries whole control of how the business performs. Outsourcing customer support gives your forex business a boost and helps you give your customer a better customer experience then other brokers.


CuilAssist can help you manage your forex brokerage operations more efficiently and get a better customer satisfaction score. We strive to provide you with a solution which is better than others in terms of service quality, cost and management.

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