6 ways to grow your ecommerce business with live chat

6 Ways to Grow your eCommerce Business with Live Chat

Daily, millions of people make purchases online from different stores and always look for the best offers & services. For eCommerce, it is very important to focus on how to catch the visitors’ attention. Having a Live Chat Support service on your website will improve the customer’s trust in your brand & give your eCommerce business a competitive edge.

Live chat support service is a perfect solution to offer great customer service through your own eCommerce website. It helps to captivate as well as satisfy your online visitors which directly impacts your sales. It also helps to generate more leads and increase conversions. So here are 6 ways how live chat can help you to achieve positive ROI and grow your eCommerce business. 

6 ways to grow your eCommerce business:

1. Provide Instant Solutions in Real-Time

Potential customers always have queries about products/services. So, because of live chat,  your customers get the immediate answers which they are seeking and in real-time, without having to wait for an email reply. Solving customer’s issues quickly is crucial for any business, and live chat will make this possible.

6 ways to Grow your eCommerce Business with Live Chat

2. Provide Personalised Service

Live chat allows you to offer personalized Customer Service to your online website visitors. When it comes to sales, you can easily customize interactions with potential customers and can transform generic experience into a personalized one which will lead to higher customer satisfaction. This is possible because a chat representative is not a robot that’s why an experienced real agent can easily address your visitors by communicating & gathering information and what issues they are facing as well as products/services they are interested in, or by suggesting them new products/services based on previous experience & purchases on your website.

3. Care for Customer Privacy

Your visitors always value their privacy, they won’t be willing to provide their email address or any other kind of personal data on the first contact with your brand, fearing that they could get advertisements & spam messages. And that’s why live chat is one of the best ways to deliver online support to your website visitors. With live chat, your visitors will receive the solution they seek without providing any kind of personal data, and respecting their privacy will give your eCommerce a competitive edge compared to others.  

4. Get Feedback & discover areas of improvements

Getting feedback from customers is the most important thing for any business as they are the true user of your eCommerce products/services. Feedback can be about your products, services or even how easy to navigate is your website. Live chat allows your eCommerce to get this feedback along with giving your customer the feeling of whatever they are saying is being heard. And if negative feedback comes, you can tell your team to address the problem & attempt to satisfy the customer’s issues. You can also use this feedback to improve your service & information displayed to your potential customers.

5. Be Proactive with Well-Timed Greetings

Good live chat solutions help you to set up different triggers to approach your customers. Offering personalized greetings at the perfect time can also make a drastic difference. Wherever a customer will face problems while navigating your website, automatic greetings at the same time will help them to connect with you and sometimes that’s what your visitors are looking for which may become a factor of conversion.

This way your company won’t need to wait for your visitors to start a conversation anymore, with live chat, you can become proactive & reach out to meet their needs. This well-timed greeting can be used to upsell your products/services which is possible by informing your visitors about trending discounts, special offers, campaigns & events.

6 ways to Grow your eCommerce Business with Live Chat

6. Be available on Mobile to offer different forms of contact

More than 50% of the Internet traffic generated through mobile & eCommerce business are also invested in providing their services on mobile. We are sure that you also don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach these audiences. Having live chat that works on mobile devices helps to connect with your potential customers anywhere which eventually satisfies your customers and will directly impact your sales!

Also, sometimes visitors want to have text conversations with your representatives, so a good live chat solution offers different forms of contact like Instant Calls so that you can assist a potential customer in any situation, via text or voice.

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